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The CGCA is a for profit organization committed to providing the Canadian Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning sector with the neccessary tools, training, certifications, equipment, and chemicals for companies to be able to operate with profitability, customer safety, and reduced environmental impact in mind.  The Policies, Rules, Code of Ethics and Conduct are adopted by all of our members.   

We hold our members accountable.   Part of our ongoing success is centred around our complaint & dispute reporting system.  We will work as mediators in the event that a customer contacts us about a member who has fallen short of the expectations of a customer.  You can read more about our Dispute & Reporting procedures here...

The annual rate for Silver Membership to the CGCA is $99 per company.   There are minimum standards that a company must have in order to qualify for membership in our organization.   At least one staff member must be designated as a "Green Cleaning Certified Cleaner" and must have attended one of the many certification courses that the CGCA offers across Canada or provided us with documentation verifying equivalent industry experience.  This staff member is responsible for training other staff members OR you can choose to let us do the training as we offer reduced rates for multiple staff from the same company at our courses.

Gold Memberships are $299 and include product discounts, monthly news letters, helpful advice, training tips and a toll free support line to speak with green cleaning specialists for those tough cleaning questions.


Your membership automatically renews each year on January 1st.  We will provide you with an annual paper and digital certificate of your membership in good standing to display on your website, in your showroom, or on any printed literature.