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Green Cleaning Helps Employees

 Stay Healthy By Going Green

Employees who feel comfortable in their work environment will be the most productive and the most beneficial to your business.

An oftenoverlooked strategy to support improved workplace productivity is maintaining a high level of cleanliness within the establishment, through both traditional and new green practices. Not only are employees typically more efficient in a more positive working space, they can also benefit from a reduced frequency of office illnesses through consistent, quality cleaning procedures.

Additionally, employers’ green cleaning practices are becoming more and more important to individual employees, as green cleaning is valued for its health benefits as well as the lower impact it has on the environment.

Increase Productivity And Benefit Your Bottom Line

It has been shown that an unclean or uncomfortable workplace environment can lead to higher levels of stress and illness among office workers.

Consistency in office cleanliness can help create a healthier workplace environment with the following benefits:

  • More Focused Work: Ensuring that work spaces are clean and clear has the potential to reduce stress levels and allow workers to focus more intently on their tasks at hand.
  • Fewer Workplace-related Illnesses: An office that provides a clean work environment supports workers to maximize their full potential.
  • Fewer Microbes: Germs run rampant in office environments — the average office desk fosters more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet — while germs continuously gather on elevator buttons, printers and telephones as well.
  • Fewer Sick Days: Offices across the world harbor germs covering a wide array of surfaces that cause workers to take an average of seven sick days per year, which can be decreased by implementing a cleaning program that prevents germs from spreading.


Stay Healthy By Going Green

Considering the closed office environment in which workers have close contact with cleaning product residue, it is important to consider green cleaning practices as a way to foster a workplace that is not only clean — but healthier as well.

As determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), certain conventional cleaners contain levels of toxic chemicals that have the potential to cause serious illness over time.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are often used to enhance product performance can be damaging to neurological functioning, while others can irritate the respiratory system.

Green cleaning procedures can also support the following health benefits:

  • Reduction In Allergens: This is especially true for the nearly 1 in 3 employees who say they have allergies that are aggravated by something in the workplace.
  • Improvement In Indoor Air Quality: While traditional cleaners can disperse VOCs that are potentially damaging to humans and the environment, environmentally friendly cleaning products promote healthier air quality by reducing the amount of VOCs released into the air while also cutting down on particulate matter that can cause increased respiratory problems.