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About US

The Canadian Green Cleaners Association was founded out of the need to have Canadian Companies properly trained in modern & safe cleaning methods.  Our instructors have over thirty years of experience in the carpet & upholstery industry and carry over 50 separate teaching & cleaning certifications.

We are an IICRC training centre and offer courses with IICRC Continuing Education Credits so your customers have confidence in you and your company.

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Going Green

There has never been a better time to learn about the latest environmentally friendly cleaning systems in the Canadian Marketplace.   Many traditional cleaning systems leave behind harmful toxins that can injure families and pets.  

In our courses and by becoming a member of the CGCA, you'll receive industry updates and training on the application and use of green solutions for your cleaning company.

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Trust CGCA

When your customers see you are a member of the CGCA and you and your staff are CGCA GREEN CERTIFIED, you will instill confidence that you are a reputable company with the knowledge and experience to clean their carpets, upholstery, and mattresses professionally and with the right equipment.

Our members always increase sales and overall customer satisfaction.

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By becoming a member of the Canadian Green Cleaners Association, you are telling your customers that you are invested in their valuable carpets and upholstery because you are trained in the latest safe cleaning methods.  Most importantly, you are telling them you are interested in their health!   Also, members recieve discounts on training sessions, products, and marketing services as well as continous updates on industry news.

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